List of InSANE foods
  • Is there a list of inSANE foods on the website somewhere? My brain handles "no" lists more easily than "yes" lists.
  • I haven't seen one. 
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    Be wary of anything with sugar, starch or vegetable oil.
  • @bathtowel – Welcome. I don’t have a complete list because, sadly, it would be thousands of items long given the thousands of inSANE edible product food companies produce each year. Here are some **general** rules that may help:

    It is likely inSANE if:
    1.    Any sweetener is listed on the label
    2.    It didn’t exist 100 years ago
    3.    It doesn’t require refrigeration or freezing (some exceptions here include nuts, jerkies, SANE protein bars, etc.)
    4.    It’s advertised via mainstream media
    5.    It makes health claims on the packaging
    6.    It’s a grain, rice, potato, or corn
    7.    You can’t buy it in bulk
    8.    It has “cool” packaging
    9.    It’s marketed to children
    10.    It’s sold at a fast food restaurant
    11.    It contains industrialized oils such as corn, vegetable, soy etc.
    12.    The word “hydrogenated” or anything like it appears on the ingredients list
    13.    The ingredients list is more than a few items long
    14.    The ingredients list contains things you cannot pronounce/sound like something from chemistry class
    15.    It’s not a whole food, it’s sweet, and it contains calories

    I’m sure there’s more. What else can you think of?
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    Here's a few more - some of them are just restatements of @jonathanbailor 's items...


    With very few exceptions, if it's dry and it comes in a box or a bag, it's going to be inSANE - that includes all hot and cold cereals, crackers, cookies, chips, all pastas, etc.  (The only exceptions to this that I can think of are nuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, coconut flour, almond flour, and protein powder.)


    Anything you can buy that's bread, or bread-like, or cake, or cake-like is going to be inSANE - i.e. bread (obviously), "diet" bread, English muffins, regular muffins, "diet" muffins, tortillas (flour or corn), tortilla-like flatbreads, etc.


    Almost any beverage that contains more than trace calories is going to be inSANE.  (Some sparkling waters are flavored with "essence of" whatever, and they're generally calorie-free - but some are flavored with "juice of" whatever, and they might not be.)


    If something's MADE FROM fruit but it's NOT fruit, it's almost definitely inSANE - even if it's 100% natural and there are no artificial ingredients or added sweeteners.  This includes dried fruits, "fruit rollups," fruit juices, applesauce, etc.  (Ironically, even if the original fruit is SANE, the end product usually isn't - blueberries are SANE, dried blueberries aren't.) 


    (Similar to the above - if something's MADE FROM meat but it's NOT meat, it may or may not be SANE, but it'll often be kind of nasty :-))


    The most frequently-heard piece of food-shopping advice is still the best - "shop the perimeter, avoid the inner aisles."