Optimum 9400 as a Vitamix Alternative
  • http://www.froothie.com.au/store/optimum-9400 is the blender I'm looking at in Australia, its around half the price of the Vitamix ($995) and has very similar functionality.

    All reviews seem to say it's great, has anyone on here used it yet? I'm considering buying one closer to Christmas, I'm hoping they will have some kind of special but it looks unlikely...
  • popcornpopcorn
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    looks similar to a vitamix.
  • Looks like Vitamix met its match, at least in Australia.  Opt for the 5 year warranty.  I normally don't purchase warranties but when my wife purchased Leappads for our twin grandkids, she purchased a warranty.  As of now, we are on replacement #8.  Only way to go especially when one is ADHD.  

  • My wife purchased the Optimum model and she seems quite happy with it thus far. I've had some smoothies she made and I can say the consistency of the liquid was *two thumbs up*. Her only issue was the delivery speed BUT they did throw in a couple of extras for free as an apology. Sorry I couldn't be any more help.
  • No problem, I read a lot about delivery issues on whirlpool. 5 year warranty is standard $471, 10 year is $581. I can't imagine doing a warranty claim 6 years later so I might not pay the extra $$$ :)

    I'm hoping they would do a christmas special but its looking unlikely.
  • mbuna13mbuna13
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    hmmm 1/2 the price of the Vitamix but you pay $471 for a 5 year warranty?   My Vitamix was $399 at Costco and came with a 7 year warranty.    What am I missing?
  • I think you missed the fact that I'm in Australia and you are possibly US-based?
     $995 is the retail, its on special for a low $825 and that is the Christmas special over here in Australia :)

    I purchased the Optimum 9400 for $490 including postage, it was nearly $600 with a 10 year warranty, of which 10 years is for the motor and 7 for parts.

    I've tried frozen spinach and other things which are hard to blend and it comes out fine. I also had no issues with delivery speed, I had the blender within 5 or 6 business days.

    I don't have much to compare to but I've been able to make some of the smoothies that are on Carrie Brown's blog and they are liquid when they come out....
  • Also replacement parts also seem less overpriced compared with the vitamix in Australia.

    If I was in the US then the Vitamix would be cheaper, especially when it drops to $300 USD or similar (at which time the Vitamix here was still $995, it dropped weeks later)

    Also FYI, our costco does not sell the Australian based Vitamix...(as far as I know)